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What IS SIGnal

Signal is a free iOS app that helps you drive smarter.  As you drive, the Signal app will alert you of safety hazards on the road -keeping  you safer and reducing your accident & ticket costs.

Some of the signs you will get alerted about are: Fatal Accidents, High Accident Zones, Dangerous Intersections, 2-Way Stop Sign, Uncontrolled Intersections, Construction Zones, Railroad Crossings, Watch Out for Pedestrians, Watch out for Bikers, Pothole Ahead and Traffic Signal Wait Times - with more added all the time!

How do we decide when to warn you?  Our advanced statistical models correlate hundreds of items associated with accidents, so we can tell you when you're at risk.  Inputs to our models include public data (including police records, existing road signs, road geometries, etc.) and private data.  

We like to think of Signal as a better traffic sign. It's smarter, digital and sits on your dashboard.


Our story

In 2008, we lost a friend to a traffic accident.  He wasn't drinking or texting.  He simply misjudged a turn on a mountain road - and drove over a cliff.  We couldn't help thinking he might still be here if there was just the right warning sign was in place.  Sadly, our friend is not alone.  More people die in traffic accidents than war & malaria combined.  90% of these accidents are driver errors and 50% are due to under-informed drivers.

Today, we're car + software people driven by a mission to save lives.  Our team holds multiple automotive patents and has spent years creating award winning products at Stanford, Apple, Ford and other top technology & automotive companies.