Signal is a better traffic sign.

It's smarter, digital & sits on your dashboard.


Our story

In 2008, we lost a friend to a traffic accident.  He wasn't drinking or texting.  He simply misjudged a turn on a mountain road - and drove over a cliff.  We couldn't help thinking he might still be here if there was just the right warning sign was in place. 



We are building the traffic sign of the future.  

  1. Signal signs are digital.  Signs today are often covered by snow and branches.  Our sign sits on your dashboard  - rather than the street corner - and warns you of multiple types of upcoming hazards by audio and tested visual alerts.

  2. Signal signs are dynamic.  Traffic changes by the minute due to accidents, parades and potholes.  Signal signs keep up and are easily readable by autonomous cars.

  3. Signal signs are data driven.  Today, each city has its own unclear process to build signs.  Signal uses patent-pending, advanced statistical models to correlate hundreds of items associated with accidents, so we can tell you when you're at risk. 

  4. Signal signs are smarter.  Signal uses  machine learning to continually improve software would be used to improve our traffic infrastructure

  5. Signal signs are affordable.  Your city charges you up to $500,000 to add a stop sign.  Signal is an an app fleets use for a few dollars a month.  

Our product

Fleet customers can access our product via a smartphone app.   Partners can access our data via an API.   Some of the signs our product currently shows are:  Fatal Accidents, High Accident Zone, Dangerous Intersections, 2-Way Stop Signs, Uncontrolled Intersections, Construction Zones, High Glare Zones, Railroad Crossings, Watch Out for Pedestrians, Watch out for Bikers, Speeding on Curve, Pothole Ahead, Frequent Harsh Braking Area & Traffic Lights.



Behind every sign is our patent-pending software.   Our advanced statistical models correlate hundreds of items associated with accidents, so we can tell you when you're at risk.  Inputs to our models include public data (including police records, existing road signs, road geometries, etc.) and private data (unique partnerships with fleets that give us access to accident data even when not reported).  


Our impact

More people die in traffic accidents than war & malaria combined.  90% of these accidents are driver errors and 50% are due to under-informed drivers.  Until Signal, our best defense were street signs, which take thousands of dollars to plan, install and monitor.   


Our results

Our signs are tested & trusted.  In tests run on simulators, drivers who use our signs reacted up to seconds faster to hazardous situations.  On the road, multiple drivers have used our product - with rave reviews.


Our customers

We currently work with fleets in the San Francisco Bay Area, such as taxi companies and city transport services.   We have plans to grow to individual drivers and more geographies soon (very soon!).


Our team

We're car + software people driven by a mission to save lives.  Our team holds multiple automotive patents and have spent years creating award winning products at Stanford, Apple, Ford and other top technology & automotive companies.   


Where can I get the product

You can get sign up for access to the product here.