City Problem

Every city wants its citizens to be safer and happier.  Today, however, it takes lots of time and money to improve a traffic system.  

Cities, via their tax payers, pay up to $500,000 just to a install a stop sign.  Beyond the few dollars for the metal, this costs includes how to manage existing signs, where to place new signs, when to repair signs, how to analyze the traffic repercussion of a signs, how to complete audits and more.     

SIgnal Solutions

We offer an simple solution that can help.  

  1. Sign Management.  Few cities have a comprehensive database of their signs, traffic signal times, and more.  And nearly nobody has a standardized data of neighboring regions.   Signal can get your any data you need and help you manage your roads.  

  2. Sign Recommendations.  Signal uses patent-pending, advanced statistical models to correlate hundreds of items associated with accidents, so we can tell you when signs are needed. 

  3. Sign Testing.  Today, each city has its own, subjective process to build signs - with repercussions to safety, ticket revenue & traffic. Signal allows you to carefully test a sign's placement, design and more - to see how drivers react, gathering data before committing to construction. 

  4. Sign Management Apps.  Roads change by the minute, with potholes, parades and signs covered by snow and branches.  Our free apps can be distributed to city workers and citizens, who can log issues when they driver, for the city to address.    



Interested in learning more.  Reach out to hari@ThisIsSignal.com.