A Story from A Uber RIDE

Recently, an Uber passenger & Signal friend told us the following story, which we did our best to paraphrase below.  Warmed our hearts :)

I had Signal running and was testing it with a Uber driver, when it alerted us of a recent fatal accident at a pretty quiet intersection on 16th and Harrison street in San Francisco. We of course slowed down and stopped at a red light.
About 5 seconds later, a van ran right into a bicycle!  I stopped to help to the biker and call the police, joining other people on the street who ran over.  The biker was taken to a hospital, but she was alert and I think she will be okay.
As I was giving my account to the police, a person who works at an office nearby caught me to ask what was going.  He said there have been three major accidents there this month.  Of course, when I drove by there the next day, there was no other stop sign or traffic light change...
I'm thankful I have Signal!