A serious problem: traffic accidents

There are few global problems as big as auto accidents.

Have you ever looked at the 10 causes of death in the world?  9/10 are medical related.  Only 1 is man made:  Auto Accidents.

Data Source: World Health Organization (WHO 2014)

Data Source: World Health Organization (WHO 2014)

To put this context, already more people die in road accidents that war and malaria combined. By 2030, the WHO expects road accidents to be the 5th leading cause of death - outranking diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and hypertensive heart disease. 

Car crashes in the US continue to be the leading cause of deaths for children 1-12.  Under 25, it continues to be the second cause of death only below suicide.

And the costs are staggering.  In the US alone, the CDC estimates the cost of productivity loss and medical expenses to be $99B.  

This is a real problem.  Yet, we as a society are oddly complacent.  Few people seem to focus on it. In the US, we spend $30B in AIDS/HIV related research, but just $851M on auto safety related research.

At Signal, our mission is to eliminate traffic accidents.  We see the problem, we know the pain, and we believe we have a solution that can quickly help.